Pavilion Two | Levitated Maze | New york, NY | 2015 | Unbuilt


Levitated Maze is an installation composed of hanging panels which allow participants to be visible but unable to understand their own place within a field. Designed to hover the heights between 4’ and 6 ½’ and to span the length of 100 winding meters, these visual barricades encourage the viewer to look up and down at their natural surrounding within the park, but be incapable of seeing the park in its entirety.

Playing off the reflectivity of the panels, the contrast in color to the natural landscape and to the sky, as well as the confine of the 2 ½’ width, these panels force the participant to contemplate the space they are in and imagine the space they cannot see. Finally, with each opening to the exterior, particular views are framed and the participant is tempted back into the unrestrained, yet restrained world of an enclosed park. Challenging the notion of freedom and choice, Levitated Maze becomes an additional factor in the illusory environment when we are tempted to rebel, but encouraged to participate only because those around us comply.