Pavilion One | Tesseract | Queens, New York | 2014 | Unbuilt


Tesseract is a dynamic structure that constantly evolves with the public’s participation. Referencing its geometrical analog, our architectural folly is a cube within a cube that challenges the notion of perception and exposes participants to the confines and limitlessness of a structure that is simultaneously purposeful and absurd. Tesseract consists of an aluminum framework supporting twenty-four salvaged wooden doors that reconfigure the space each time they are opened or closed.

Unlike a traditional labyrinth, or the majority of traditional structures that have predetermined entry and exit points, the Tesseract empowers the individual to create their own path and designate their own beginning and end. With the opening of each door, the possible configurations multiply exponentially, to over 16 million.


Tesseract explores the implications of architectural folly through an ever-changing exploration of spatial dimension and the expressive use of timeworn materials providing a unique and self directed participant experience.

Project Team: Daisy Ames and Michael Zelehoski.