house Two | Ecētra | Private Residence | 2018 | Unbuilt


This home for a couple furthers our ambition to bring together two types of spaces, and to represent a third unrealized type of space. The first type of space is PreModern space, where our use of poché simultaneously endorses existing human spatial proportions of scale and sequence, yet denies fundamental ideas of axial or symmetrical relationships. The second type of space is Modern space, where ideas of horizontality are prioritized over ideas of verticality, and our use of transparency assists the conception of space as continuous. These two spatial conditions are investigated in the form of square volumes that are common and recognizable, yet designed deliberately off-kilter to disrupt spatial normativity. 

The overlap of these two volumes produces a generative space between Pre-Modern space and Modern space where the seeds of the future can be found. This produces a conceptual sustainability, through which we pull past and present precedents into further focus. In addition to conceptual sustainability, Ecētra embraces literal sustainability as seen in the geothermal system located in the subterranean volume, a sustainable garden above the transparent volume, and solar panels on the roof of the levitated poché volume. The result of prioritizing the contraposition of these spaces, produces a home where water, nature, and sunlight are equally significant, allowing Ecētra to represent a hybrid of past, present, and future spatial and environmental ambitions.

Project Team: Daisy Ames, Sarah Rutland and Julie Perrone