Guggenheim Museum | Contemporary Art Museum | Helsinki, Finland | 2015 | Unbuilt


The institutions that house art today stand divided, torn between diverging social and aesthetic priorities, between a traditional rear-garde and an ever-changing avantgarde, oscillating between conforming to and completely defying the cultural structure it is to serve. If the nineteenth century museum occupies a renaissance approach to art and culture, raised above the common grounds of humanity in its classical palace, and the twentieth century museum inserts itself into the urban fabric like an object distinctly different from its context and history, then a museum of the 21st century demands a new interpretation for how it engages the private viewing of art and the public realm. The new generation of art, art production, and art consumption demands an institution which can revitalize its trajectory, aiming to synthesize both the dialogue of art production and consumption as well as the definition of architecture in itself as a work of art. Our proposal, Latent Confluence, is a new museum which attempts to resolve these complex social hierarchies within the unique context of Helsinki.

Helsinki can be read as a universal/endless grid that is recomposed through a series of larger, urban scale manipulations which account for the nuances in the overall city plan. It is the intention of this project to reify the rich layering of Helsinki on an urban level by creating a building which acts as a microcosm of this phenomena. By capitalizing on the latent grids of the city and the harbor, our building expresses these inherencies and becomes a place where these two systems become visible. The possibility to interact with the building is not limited to art consumers, but also performs as a hinge linking the esplanade to the harbor and park by providing access around, through and over the armature of the building, respectively.

Project Team:  Daisy Ames and Parsa Khalili