Collage Columns | Urban Space | New york, New York | 2017 | unbuilt


In effort to provide a new marker for Chinatown, Little Italy and the surrounding neighborhoods in Lower Manhattan, Collage Columns marries the unique heritage of the diverse cultures through a single ubiquitous architectural typology, the structural column. The column in architectural history plays a symbolic role in the evolution of human civilization as a means of creating shelter, and therefore, a sense of place.

The site serves as a “gateway” to the ever-changing cultural and generational demographics through the placement of columns which form thresholds by which to enter the interior space. The interior space of the triangle uses technology screens to engage residences of the neighborhood and visitors alike with rotating images and sounds of divergent cultures as well as information monitors for transportation networks and other landmarks in the city.

Project Team: Daisy Ames and Drew Heller