HereThere | Art Omi | Ghent, New York | 2019 | Exhibit


Studio Ames’ project, HereThere, responds to the ways in which individuals cope with, and represent death – visually, physically, and psychologically. HereThere is a hand-crafted square surface made with clay mixed with the ashes. An organic, heat-induced crack bifurcates the square in two halves, registering possible two halves of existence – life, and after-life. The object is intended to be hung on a wall, and individuals are invited to touch the one smooth, glazed portion of the object.

In this way, the object is a symbol for visual memories, a literal resting place for physical remains, as well as a place for psychological healing, where emotions are projected onto it. Over time HereThere will wear away through touch, further highlighting the ephemeral qualities of the project and the nebulous states between presence and absence – neither here, nor there.

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