YEAR: In Progress

LOCATION: New York, New York

TYPE: Private Residence




Apartment WCW is a 600 sq. ft. renovation located in New York City. The apartment weaves together modern minimal upgrades such as recessed lighting, and integral closet doors while maintaining the integrity of the Pre-War townhouse building. These necessities become the backdrop for the existing materiality of the home to be accentuated, producing balanced aesthetic relationships between the new and old, creating a harmonized whole. For example, the new recessed bookcase spacing is dictated by the height of the fireplace, and the height of the desk is dictated by the window sill, making what normally might be considered intrusive elements apart of the wall.



There were three main materials of the existing apartment - the wood slats of the floor, carrara marble fireplace, and the white walls (WCW) - so working within the language of these three materials, new counterparts were produced to be in dialogue with them. This is made possible by simplifying the existing details of the apartment and maintaining a subtly to the new elements.

Scheduled Completion Fall 2017